The Most Durable Garage Floor Coatings

Why choose Supreme Creations to install your polyaspartic garage floor coating?

Custom garage floor coatings in Michigan Custom garage floor coatings in Michigan

Our garage floors are our home’s most abused space.

Think about it, our garage floors will have to endure vehicle traffic, fuels, oils, road salt, rust, constant moisture and anything the weather can dish out.

Your garage floor needs protection, let Supreme Creations install a polyaspartic coating system that not only looks great but provides the protection you garage floor deserves.

Contact Supreme Creations and lets turn your garage into a more welcoming extension of your home by installing a polyaspartic coating system that is specifically formulated for your garage floor.

we stand behind it so you can stand on it for years to come with our life time residential warranty

We get it.

In Michigan, our concrete is up against some of the harshest conditions. Salt run off our vehicles to constant expansion and everything in between your garage floor isn’t made to last from its initial installation- it needs protection.

Each year we provide homeowners with solutions to their cracked and severely pitted garage floors.

With our 2 step process we can have your garage floor looking new again with added protection from all the elements including moisture, salt, oils,staining and so much more all for a fraction of the cost and time of replacing your concrete.

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